Zero. Bounds. Branding.

What Branding Does for You

Congratulations! You’ve decided to take the plunge and go through the process of establishing or re-establishing your brand. While aspects of the process are enjoyable, be forewarned. It can also be harder than you think, and it is ultimately about far more than logos or new websites. If you commit to process, though, branding should accomplish four key things for you.  It should—

1. Give you clarity

When you take the time to examine what your company is all about, you may find that the exercise requires more reflection than you had first considered. After all, when you are buzzing through the business day without much time to reflect, you forget that there are reasons behind what you do, how you do it, and why.  A branding process forces you to think these things through, often giving you new and unexpected insights about your business and your offerings.

2. Help you examine your position in the market

As you dig deeper into your own company to better understand your culture, values, key selling points and the like–you also get a better understanding of where you sit viz a viz the competition, your clients, and the market itself.

3. Provide crystal clear vision of your key prospect(s)

You may be surprised to find that as you re-think the above details, your original vision of your key prospect is limited, off-base, or entirely wrong!  By exploring the right questions, you can paint a picture of your key prospects that allows you to connect with them in ways that are relevant to them.

3. Puts you and your team on the same page

Once you can verbalize your value, position, and unique selling points, and once you can likewise describe your key prospect in detail, your team can unify around these rich insights.

The branding process gives you and your organization a vision for moving forward, providing parameters that guide your use of time and resources.  It is only after this kind of thinking process is finished that you can begin to create a visual brand and/or a library of print and digital content that connects you to your prospects.

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