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Our editing services run the gamut from proofreading to substantive editing.  What’s the difference?  In case you are unfamiliar with the various kinds of editing services, maybe this will help.

Do you need someone to read your content and check for mechanics, grammar, usage, sentence flow, and simple readability?  Then you are looking for a copy editor.  We can do that.

Is your copy finished, and you simply want someone to do a final check to ensure that everything is ready to print?  You need a proofreader.  We can do that too.

Perhaps you have a draft, but it needs development, which may require moving content around, rewriting portions, or even cutting portions.  You need a substantive edit.  And, yes, we do that too.

Step one is to have a conversation with us to determine your end goals, your content needs, your timeline, and your budget.  After we have all the right information, we will analyze your project and provide an estimate.  Call now to determine how we can help you complete your project.